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Way Back In The Ozarks :: essays research papers

Way Back in the Ozarks Book Report Part One Title – Way Back in the Ozarks Author – Howard Hefley # Of Pages – 262 Publisher – Copyright Date - November 1992 Part Two This novel is about a young boy’s life (the author). It starts of f him describing his hometown and how life was back then. The name of his town is Judy. Then it goes start into his life story. He ask his dad if can go hunting with him one early morning in the summer. He is bout 8 years of age now and is almost old enough to handle a gun. He begged his dad and he ends up in going with his dad and uncle hunting. This is his first time and he has to try to keep up. So he struggles to keep up and he does. Then later on in the book he is about 10 and wants a dog of his own so he can win money in dog field trials and hunt. He only his two dollars and a hunting pup is bout 15 dollars. So he goes up to uncle Lloyds house cause he hears dogs barking and wants to see what’s going on. Well when he gets their he sees a cur pup (a mix breed dog) and his uncle training bluetick hounds. He ask he uncle bout the cur and his uncle doesn’t want and is going to get rid of it cause its no good to any hunter and the author or monk talks him to selling him the dog for 2 bucks the ending is when monk get a coon (raccoon) for a pet. Big John try's to find it and try’s to kill several times. Until one night when he does get it and monk finds out and goes to johns house and hold he at gun point with he the cur dog at monks side. He tells john to turn around and drop his jeans and then monk tell he is dog to bite he butts. If john were to move monk would shoot him. It ends with him talking bout his brother Fesser help writing this book. Part Three Chapters 1 and 2   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The start of these two chapters goes something like this. Howard Hefley (the author) get his nick name monk. He gets this from going hunting with he is dad and uncle one night. Monk ran ahead and climbed a tree and when they got

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