Friday, January 31, 2020

The future and technology Essay Example for Free

The future and technology Essay ?Most people have debates on how the present is better than the future or that the future will be better than the present. No one will know which one is better until we figure out what the â€Å"future† is exactly. People imagine that the future is all about flying cars and robots, which seems to blow our minds in a positive way. The question is, does the future hold up to what it seems to be? Our world today is a better place for us with many reasons. As our world advance in technology, we as people decrease in communication skills. Throughout the years more and more technology is coming out, like cell phones and game systems. As more technology comes out, people tend to get attached to that and forget about important things. Cell phones are becoming so advanced to where we don’t have to see the other person we are talking to. We can just message them in many different ways such as texting, video chat, email, social networks, or by a simple phone call. This is decreasing our social skills, which isn’t good for many reasons like job interviews, college classes and other reasons. With all this technology coming out people lose their integrity. People expect things to be at their fingertips when they need something. If you need to research a topic, you can have it in a matter of seconds with the use of your phone. Libraries are rarely visited, to look things up in books since everyone has mini computers in the palm of their hands. People no longer have to work hard and put their blood and sweat into projects, everything is a few clicks away. Humans cannot live without technology, we have adapted to it being so convenient for our use to where we’ve become attached to it. As it advances, everyone becomes lazier. Soon there will be inventions we would’ve never guessed could be possible. Kids don’t get the exercise they need because they have all these new inventions like cell phones, game systems, and television they can do instead. Since technology is very common, kids are getting cell phones at younger ages. This causes them to not have a full childhood and to be influenced by older teens easier. They also have game systems and television that they can play and watch all day instead of going outside and being a kid, which leads to obesity and laziness. As technology advances, so does the price. The newer items everyone wants become more expensive since they’re new. In return people feel the need to purchase these items that in reality they can’t afford. More inventions, leads to more money spent, which leads to poverty for many families. Especially since our world today is already struggling with economy and money issues. It is only going to get worse. Some technology can be a good thing, it will always be there to help us, make things easier, and do things for us. Inventions make people’s jobs easier. That isn’t always a positive thing though. There are pros and cons to it, but we as humans abuse the use of technology. It can help us to a certain extent. Doctors use technology for researching diseases and their cures. Scientists run experiments to find things out about space or our history. Little technology can ruin us humans, the more it advances, the more we rely on it for everything, which causes humans to forget the ways of life that have led us to where we are at today.

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