Thursday, November 21, 2019

Managerial Decision Making Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managerial Decision Making - Research Paper Example cognize the importance of ethical conduct in its regular business practices and has initiated policies to assure that the organization conducts and manages its business in an ethical manner. Right at the start of 2014, the management at Wells Fargo initiated an internal ethical review spanning over the next 2 years (Reckard, 2013). To conduct this internal ethical review the organization did contrive an Ethics Program Office (Reckard, 2013). The primary objective of this review was envisioned to be to examine in detail the business conduct guidelines underlying Well Fargo’s more than 80 business lines, which pertain to the issues and problems like insider trading, the conflict of interest and receiving and giving gifts. This ethical review is a self initiated effort initiated by the management at Wells Fargo, aimed at suggesting recommendations for bolstering the ethical practices and conduct within the organization. It is a known fact that in the past two years, Wells Fargo has accrued much criticism for subjecting its employees to unreasonable sales pressure that not only makes the employees engage in unethical business practices, but has also accrued much criticism and complaints from the customers and business watch experts (Reckard, 2013). Many of the former Wells Fargo employees have acknowledged and confessed that the organization does subject them to unethical sales pressure that makes them engage in unethical practices like selling multiple accounts to same customers, and charging the customers for an array of ad on services that they actually do not need. These unethical practices have not only jeopardized the employee morale, but have also led to much harassment and overcharging of the customers. It is a fact that the internal ethical review initiated by Wells Fargo in January 2014 did ensue from such ethics associated complaints and media coverage. However, the thing is that instead of approaching the issue on a piecemeal basis, the management at

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